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Sunday, 8 January 2017

Tyler Trammel-Huston was killed by mixed breed mutts being called pit bulls, just another instance of the anti pit bull lobby taking advantage of lazy reporting from dodgy second rate media outlets.....

It seems that the anti pit bull lobby is willing to blatantly lie and misrepresent facts in order to cause the extinction of pit bulls the tragic story of Tyler Trammel Huston who was attacked by "one" of his sisters three mixed breed mutts that the culty's insist are pit bulls.

Below I've found the post about the pups when Alexandria decided to keep 2 of them and as you can see they are four to five variety mixed breed mutts including Staffy, Shepherd and Pit bull.

As you can see both parents were mixed breed mutts which makes these dogs were purebred mixed breed mutts.

Link to post on her Facebook page.....

This is one of the pups as an adult and as you can see this dog is not a "pit bull"

This is an American Pit Bull terrier.....

Now the haters have consistently claimed Tyler is a pit bull victim and have even made memes featuring his image without his sisters or his father's permission.

Jeff D Borchardt even jumped on the crazy train attacking this victim and again claiming the dogs involved were pit bulls when clearly they were not and as you can see Jeff trolled her Facebook account and stole all her pictures for his meme's but coincidentally overlooked the post showing the dogs were not pit bulls.

When pit bull advocacy kills. #RIP Tyler Trammell-Huston #pitbull#nannydog #myth

Link to post.....

Alexandria went as far as posting to Jeff's pit bull hate group admitting her fault and agreeing the dogs were pit bulls when in fact they weren't this didn't help as the mob continued to attack her and ridicule her all the while stalking her social media and they call this victim's advocacy.

I like this article. I've read a lot. Peoples opinion about myself, my dogs, nd what they did to my baby have been all over the place. All I know is this... in a week, month, year my baby will still be gone. Due to a choice I made. I don't think I will ever be able to move on from that. My heart died. I'm just waiting for my body to catch up at this point. And none of these people will remember him. everyday I am here and he is not I think about what he'd be doing. On June 14 2024 when he turns 18 and graduating from High School I will imagine what he would have looked like crossing that stage. And his face beaming with happiness and pride, they will not. Around June 14 2016 around the time I would have been adopting him, I will think about how happy he was gonna be, and our trip to NY he wanted to take in celebration of the adoption. Going to the Empire state building and him giving me a kiss. I will cry. They will not. Thinking about his wedding day, what his babies would have been named and looked like. Right now he is a fun story to be made of examples and torn apart. It breaks my heart I failed him on January 3rd. But it kills me I cannot protect his death and how he is being exploited. I'm sorry to all the people I love and care about that have had to deal with this. I feel like I failed you as well. And thank you to all the people that have been so kind. You are all so beautiful inside and it means the world.

When the internet's pit bull obsessives grab ahold of something, they don't let go.

Link to post......

Even Colleen Lynn over on joined in to victim bash all the while knowing full well the dogs were mixed breed mutts but that wouldn't come as a surprise to anyone monitoring the site as they regularly misrepresent facts and often tell outright lies.

Significant update in the death of Tyler Trammell-Huston. Court filings reveal new evidence. His sister and owner of the pit bulls blames Tyler for his own death then takes to Facebook defending the breed. #NotMakingItUp

The blog tracks U.S. dog bite fatalities, dog bite statistics, severe pit bull attacks, breed-specific dangerous dog laws and dog bite victims' issues.

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Now these people claim that the media can be trusted and don't have a bias against pit bulls whereas nothing could be further from the truth, I published my first blog about this a year ago exposing that the dogs were not pit bulls yet all the mainstream media outlets still insist on calling these dogs pit bulls when they clearly were not and personally I think it's time for respectability to come back to journalism and for the lies and untruths to stop.

The media needs to stop calling mixed breed mutts pit bulls and stop promoting which by their own admission is not meant to be used in place of legitimate professional advice.

Just read the "no professional advice" section of their site prior to quoting them as a source.....

more to come.....

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